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Questions about FemiLift North Valley Plastic Surgery in the USA answers questions about FemiLift vaginal laser treatment.

What can women expect after the FemiLift treatment?

The enhanced vaginal tone promotes lubrication and blood circulation which improves sexual stimulation. Women that were suffering from urinary incontinence often see an improvement in their symptoms that can be significant enough to forgo corrective surgery.

How long after the treatment do I have to wait to have sex again?

Three days.

 Who can benefit from the medical benefits of the FemiLift?

  • Women experiencing urinary incontinence.
  • Women experiencing dyspareunia (painful sex).
  • Women experiencing atrophic vaginitis (vaginal atrophy).
  • Postpartum women experiencing vaginal laxity after childbirth.
  • Any woman looking for enhanced sexual sensation, for both herself and her partner.
  • Breast cancer survivors that can't be treated with hormones for any of the above indications.

How long does one FemiLift treatment take?

Each FemiLift treatment lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes. Your appointment will take about 30 minutes.

How many FemiLift treatments are recommended for optimal results?

Each patient experiences a different level of vaginal laxity, but three treatments spaced about four weeks apart is recommended for optimal results. Additionally, one maintenance treatment every year thereafter is recommended.

When should the patient begin to see results of the vaginal rejuvenation procedure?

Most patients can sense a healthier, tighter vaginal wall immediately. However, the natural repair process will continue to progress during the weeks following the FemiLift treatment. Collagen remodeling takes time and will continue to progress months after treatment. It’s after the third treatment that patients should get their maximum benefit.

How long will the results of the FemiLift procedure last?

As long as the patient follows the instructions of the medical provider, the results are long-lasting, usually several years. Patients are instructed to perform Kegel exercises at home to further expedite and enhance the ongoing tissue remodeling and collagen contraction occurring after treatment. Does the FemiLift treatment hurt? Patients will feel comfortable and relaxed during the FemiLift procedure. The procedure is painless but we can give you a topical anesthetic if needed. Patients report almost no discomfort during or after the procedure.

How should patients expect to feel after the FemiLift treatment?

Since increasing vaginal tightness is the goal of the FemiLift procedure, patients should expect vaginal tightness after the treatment. No other side effects should be expected.

When can patients resume normal activity after the FemiLift procedure?

Patients can resume normal activity immediately after the FemiLift treatment, with a couple exceptions. Patients should not have vaginal intercourse or use a tampon within three days after treatment or longer if instructed by the medical provider.

How common is vaginal laxity?

Nearly half of all women who have had vaginal childbirth have some level of concern over vaginal looseness. A worldwide study conducted by OBGYNs recently revealed that vaginal laxity is the number one concern of women after childbirth, even more so than weight gain and stretch marks. Many other middle-aged women experience urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity as a result of the aging process. With the FemiLift procedure, women have a pain-free, non-surgical answer to vaginal laxity.

What is urinary incontinence in women and how can the FemiLift help?

Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control, which results in inadvertent urination during low-level stress placed on the bladder, such as laughing, coughing and exercising. It is common in women who have delivered children vaginally. This leaking occurs when the pelvic floor weakens, which causes the urethra to sag. Exercises to restore the pelvic floor, such as Kegels, often are not enough to rejuvenate the pelvic floor. This is where the FemiLift Arizona can help. The fractional CO2 laser energy restores the pelvic floor and counteracts the sagging urethra, which in turn fights incontinence.  

See FemiLift explained video with Dr. Amir Marashi of Brooklyn Gyn place clinic

“Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a widespread syndrome in women”… 19 okt

Interview with Dr. Femopase about Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation with Alma Pixel CO2 femopase2 Treatment of genital areas within the aesthetic medicine has not only left any form of tabooing behind it but has also won a continuous increasing relevance in the past years.Thus in 2012 around 7.000 surgeries have been performed on the genital area only in Germany. We interviewed Prof. Dr. Gabriel Alberto Femopase from the University of Cordoba, Argentina (UNC) about his practical experiences with the usage of the CO₂ Laser in the case of treatments of two different feminine indications. In your clinic, you are offering a wide spectrum of surgical and aesthetical surgical procedures. What are these treatments? Prof. Femopase: In our private clinic, we offer a range of therapeutic options for pathologies of the lower genital tract, vulvovaginal reconstruction (hypertrophy of labia minora, lifting of the clitoris, vulvar correction, reconstruction of pelvic muscle floor and vaginal tightening with intimate aesthetic Surgery). Another important indication is Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) that can be effectively treated. All procedures are done using the FemiLift CO2 Laser System. How important is vaginal tightening or intimate aesthetic surgery to women in the 21st century? Prof. Femopase: The concept of quality of life is now more present in our society and sexual aspects are taken more into account by women. This results in more frequent consultations about restorative surgical alternatives. For example, obstetric damages result in hyper-laxity and sensitivity alterations that are generated by damage to regional innervations, hypogastric nerve, pelvic and pudendal. This produces in 80% of women over 40 years of age some degree of sexual sensitive response dysfunction. These procedures are offered as an effective and ethical solution for these conditions. Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a widespread syndrome in women. What are your experiences in treating these women with the vaginal probe and the Alma CO2? Prof. Femopase: SUI is another reason for very frequent consultations in daily gynecology and the use of the specially designed Alma device is an excellent option to treat this pathology. The technique is completely outpatient, low cost and does not require anesthesia, giving great results in short and long terms. Which advantages does the laser procedure have? Are there any risks? What are possible side effects? Prof. Femopase: The advantages we obtain by these procedures are many: treatment is pain-free, minimally invasive, outpatient, high success rate percentage, and quick recovery, not affecting normal activities for the patient. Regarding possible complications, they are nearly inexistent if the professional use the established protocols by our research group together with Alma. Is the laser procedure able to solve the problem of SUI alone or are other actions to be taken? Prof. Femopase: The procedure used for SUI with Alma Lasers are highly safe and effective (with minimal side effects compared with surgical procedures as vaginal sling procedures) but other considerations like hormonal correction could be added to adjust estrogen deficit by hormonal therapies, Kegel exercises to rehabilitate the pelvic floor, etc. What is the ratio of the cost of laser treatment What is the ratio of the cost of laser treatment compared to surgery? Prof. Femopase: The cost difference is very big due to the possibility to perform the procedures in an outpatient way without the need of hospital stay, anesthesia etc. We also should consider the lower social cost due to patients returning to work and personal activities immediately. Do you use the vaginal laser for other indications? Prof. Femopase: The device is used in all surgical vaginal procedures that require a modification of its tension and improved vaginal blood supply and lubrication. Women that undergo FemiLift treatment will be less susceptible to vaginal infections. In addition, FemiLift treatment is associated with a significant improvement of sexual function. Women who suffer from Stress Urinary Incontinence have a good chance to achieve significant improvement with minimal side effects. Femilift system_new-color  

Can anyone count how many times she said the word vagina in this video ? 09 okt


Actress Kelly Deadmon has done it too. She went to the Vspot clinic in Manhattan and tried the FemiLift treatment. In her own words: "I walked in here with a 48-year-old vagina, and I'm walking out of here with a 25-year-old vagina!" A video you must watch! Can anyone count how many times she said the word vagina in this video?    

Doctors speaks about FemiLift 05 jul

We asked leading worldwide Doctors questions about FemiLift as we were interested in getting their input and impression as to the market, future trend, feedback from patients, awareness and more. They were kind enough to spend the time to share with us their experience and knowledge. Q: Does vaginal rejuvenation procedures using minimal invasive, non-surgical devices continue to grow? Dr. Steven Gitt, MD, FACS, USA (Assistant Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, University of Arizona, Phoenix, School of Medicine, Plastic Surgeon, North Valley Plastic Surgery) "These procedures have grown steadily over the last few years. We are now able to offer non-surgical options for the internal vagina, the labia minora, the labia majora and the mons pubis skin. We are also able to employ Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) procedures in tandem with these energy based options to achieve even better FUNCTIONAL outcomes. Dr. Maripaz Rama' OB/Gyn, Urogynecologist, Manila, Philippines (Mega Clinic Metro Pacific Hospital Group (Ambulatory, multi specifically diagnostic center) Yes, but not enough, we need to improve patient education, patient awareness, inform them about the non-invasive treatments that we are able to offer now with FemiLift. Dr. Fransiska Mochtar, Sp.OG, Indonesia (Obstetrician/Gynecologist ) Surely , the number of patients who is undergoing for the procedure has been increasing. At first I found quite difficult to approach this method to my patients but now they have been coming and asking for this procedure. Q: Have these procedures become more popular?  DR. Steven Gitt, MD, FACS, USA "In USA they have grown exponentially over the last few years. As patient satisfaction rises, so does demand. Dr. Maripaz Rama' OB/Gyn, Urogynecologist, Manila, Philippines "In my experience (around 4 years) I found 20-35 % grow each year. Slowly but surely it's increasing demanding methods. The population before using traditional methods like spa, herbal medicine have changed their knowledge and asking for this laser. I have 4 machines for vaginal laser but the best still femiLift, I'm planning to have a new platform more next year" Dr. Fransiska Mochtar, Sp.OG, Indonesia "Now it is definitely more popular than it used to be few years ago. A patient in her 20s asked for the procedure just recently as her post-delivery rehabilitation after her first delivery, she is waiting now for the 6 weeks period required to pass after the delivery. She will do the procedure as the preventive treatment. As well her colleague, urologist, referred to her 70 years woman with SUI." Q: what  feedbacks are you getting from FemiLift patients? DR. Steven Gitt, MD, FACS, USA "We provide 3-4 FemiLift laser rejuvenation treatments in the standard series and our patient satisfaction approaches 100%. I have patients who have been unable to have intercourse for as long as 15+ years who are now not only able to resume sexual activities, but are able to enjoy sex and achieve climax with intercourse". Dr. Maripaz Rama' OB/Gyn, Urogynecologist, Manila, Philippines "Clients feedback FemiLift has very good results, improvement seen already after one session. The main indication treats is SUI" Dr. Fransiska Mochtar, Sp.OG, Indonesia "The feedback is positive. Its shows improving quality of sexual intercourse even after first treatment. Q: Lastly, what is your personal impression of FemiLift?  DR. Steven Gitt, MD, FACS, USA "This is the finest non-surgical system on the market today. Our patient satisfaction numbers and outcomes have been outstanding and the continually expanding array of options that the system has brought forth (FemiTight, LiteScan etc.) have increased the overall value. Dr. Fransiska Mochtar, Sp.OG, Indonesia This laser procedure has been solving many couple’s problem to increase their quality time in sexual intercourse. The women self-confidence has been better than before, old patients with stress urinary incontinent problems have become happier in their life.

Sonja from “Real housewifes of New York” does FemiLift 09 jun

"My friends are having a fabulous dinner without me, I might as well resurface my vagina ..." Real housewifes of New York TV Show, June 2016    

100% ‘worth it’ rating, women on Realself recommend FemiLift 06 jun

Realself is a popular reviews website - that tells you the real story. Or as they put it: "You deserve the real story — no airbrushing, no editing. RealSelf delivers it." Hear the real story from the real people - the patients. Top-Doctor-300x217A 100% “worth itâ€? rating, women on Realself recommend FemiLift treatment : 53 Yr Old Dating Much Younger Man Wanted Vaginal Tightening! Phoenix, AZ After being divorced, two grown children and now dating a much younger man, I felt I needed some help in the intimacy area feeling more confident about my vaginal area as to being tighter. Femilift really works and we both have better sexual experiences because of the procedure 69 Year Old with Urine Leakage & Vaginal Dryness. Santa Monica, CA "I am 69 years old woman. I had been experiencing urine leakage while laughing, sneezing, coughing plus frequent urination. I also had vaginal dryness and always needed lubricant. I did the 3 FemiLift procedures with Dr. Ghozland. It was the best decision I made. The FemiLift procedure is truly amazing and it took care of both of my problems" Laser Vaginal Tightening Works! - Englewood, CO For the last 2-3 years I wanted to tighten my vaginal area without surgery. I found Dr. Aguirre on this site. He is a kind man and takes the time to really listen to your issues. I felt relaxed at every visit. His staff is amazing as well. From the time you walk in the door until you leave is pleasant. Game Changer - Libertyville, IL 18 years ago, I had a 9 and 1/2 lb baby. I didn't... realise how much giving birth would alter things "down there". I didn't suffer from stress incontinence then but as I aged, I started to feel a little more "drippy" for lack of a better word. I immediately felt more sensation.     a href="">Read full review here ... 3 Quick Facts About FemiLift FemiLift is a non-surgical procedure claiming to be a breakthrough for vaginal tightening, here are 3 quick facts you should know: 1. FemiLift may improve sex, according to Doctor David Ghozland some of his patients have reported that they are "feeling tighter with improved friction during intercourse" [Read more] 2. Short on time? FemiLift is the perfect "lunchtime procedure", according to Doctor David Preskill other than waiting approximately 3 days to have sex, women walk out of the office and resume day-to-day activities. 3. If you suffer from urinary stress incontinence, FemiLift may be the answer, it has been touted to significantly improve and reduce symptoms giving you control over your bladder again. Do you have questions about FemiLift? The Doctors have all the answers: FemiLift: How much does it cost? What is the cost for one treatment of FemiLift? Does insurance cover it? [Read more]

Vaginal Health and FemiLift 24 apr

Vaginal health issues impact lives everywhere. In the past, women have been hesitant to talk about these very legitimate concerns. The result of suffering in silence has often been a decrease in quality of life, confidence and overall wellbeing. Fortunately, times have changed. You have more options when it comes to vaginal health. We’re proud to lead the way with our breakthrough FemiLiftâ„¢. The best way to understand something is to hear it from someone who has experienced it. Watch the video: Natalie, Irland, 31 years old, mother of 2 Rose, Thailand, mother of 2 Dr Sherina Balaratnam talks Vaginal Rejuvenation with FemiLift at London Bridge Plastic Surgery   You are not alone! Look around you.

Every third woman suffer from feminine issues

49% from them suffer from stress urinary incontinence and 50% of them suffer from Menopause-affect. Rejuvenate Your Feminine Health Millions of women suffer from vaginal irregularities and structural changes due to childbirth, age or a variety of other reasons that diminishes their confidence and self-esteem. Knowingly or unknowingly, this may put a strain on marital relations. Embarrassed, frustrated, and sad, they are often too uncomfortable to speak up.

What is the Condition?

Over time, the structure of the vagina can change due to age and childbirth leading to a variety of symptoms including pain, itching and heaviness. These Vaginal Irregularities can lead to • Diminished vaginal health • vaginal conditions that effect one's lifestyle FemiLift is an in office procedure without anesthesia or surgery. It is a fast 30-minute procedure with little to no downtime and minimal side effects. You are not alone listen to women around the world on TV shows: FemiLift on the Doctors Show