The complicated Truth About The Perfect Vagina

08 Jun

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As far as publicity stunts go, the “first ever designer vagina showcase” was pretty damn effective. Timed to coincide with the spectacular runway parades that mark New York Fashion Week, the event was Dr. Amir Marashi’s chance to show the world what he can do: With a little slicing and suturing, he can give you the vagina of your dreams.

Inside the sprawling midtown conference room where the “show” would take place, sparkling rosé and cupcakes were served. Guests were greeted by a perfectly taut, hair-free, millennial pink silicone vagina model, which Dr. Marashi then used to explain the slate of procedures on offer during his powerpoint presentation of before-and-after vulva shots.

Dr. Marashi is the owner of the Brooklyn Gyn Place clinic and a diplomat of American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology

You can also view his very nice tutorial video about FemiLift-


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