FemiLift round table discussion with gynecologists and urogynecologists

04 sep

FemiLift Round Table Discussion with Gynecologists and Urogynecologists Around The Globe.  You should hear their recommendations.
A roundtable discussion, held in Rome on April, 2016, aimed to collect information from gynecologists and urogynecologists around the globe, who bring years of experience in treating thousands of women for genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM)-related symptoms.
 All participants have been using the FemiLift Pixel/Fractionated CO2 laser for several months/years.


What is your overall impression? What are the main indications for which you find benefits from the FemiLift Procedures?

Prof. Yona Tadir
(Having 40 years of experience with laser in gynecology, and in developing tools and treatment protocols for minimally invasive surgery, I have to admit that my initial reaction to publications on “vaginal rejuvenationâ€? was somewhat skeptical However, the results looked “too good to be true. We face a significant breakthrough in women’s health”.

Dr. Alexandros Bader
” I see some differences in patient preference, namely, patient priorities differ from one culture to another. For example, in the U.K., it is easier to discuss SUI as compared to Greece”

Dr. Martinec Ksenjia
The last 27 months, 388 procedures performed with the FemiLift for SUI and vaginal laxity (VL) The procedure is very simple and the system is user-friendly. The main indication in which I see benefit for the patients is in treating mild to moderate SUI and in improvement on vaginal laxity and dryness, as well.
The most significant improvement was on SUI symptoms after coughing & sneezing. Among the 94 patients, 52 reported VL pre-treatment. In this group, 16 reported no VL following the treatment.” (17%).

Prof. Scollo Paolo Dr. Scibilia Giuseppe
“The laser procedures are very simple this treatment concept opens a wide range of potential applications in treating GSM symptoms, including SUI

Prof. Femopase Gabriel

“Out of 131patients, ages 35-60, 82% of the patients reported a significant decrease in the frequency of SUI-related events, and all patients noted improvement in their quality of life as related to their urinary problems. It is an ambulatory, fast painless and easy procedure.”

Dr. Jorge Elias
The FemiLift procedure is easy and user-friendly I used the Pixel/Fractional CO2 laser for other indications, with good results. These include: dyspareunia caused by vulvar and vaginal atrophy, vaginal tightening in young women, and post-partum dyspareunia.


Our following posts will include additional questions and answers, stay tune .



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