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FemiLift Webinar 26 Apr

By Dr. G. Willy Davila MD, Obstetrics & Gynecology The use of laser therapy such as FemiLift CO2 for common feminine health concerns.  

FemiLift round table discussion with… 04 Sep

FemiLift Round Table Discussion with Gynecologists and Urogynecologists Around The Globe.  You should hear their recommendations. A roundtable discussion, held in Rome on April, 2016,…

Doctors speaks about FemiLift 05 Jul

We asked leading worldwide Doctors questions about FemiLift as we were interested in getting their input and impression as to the market, future trend, feedback…

FemiLift at the Doctors Show 14 Apr

The Femlift procedure for SUI at the successful TV show “The Doctors”. The Doctors Show, USA