The Technology




Alma FemiLiftâ„¢ is a state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive outpatient solution that incorporates CO2 laser technology to provide optimal results for various feminine concerns. The procedure is fast, painless and completely safe, and provides highly effective results. Life processes such as childbirth, weight fluctuations and hormonal changes may overstretch and damage vaginal
tissue, damage the pelvic floor and alter the mucosal tone of the vaginal wall. These physiological changes can lead to conditions such as involuntary urine leakage, vaginal laxity, dryness, and recurring infections negatively affecting a woman’s quality of life and self-confidence.


Pixel CO laser for micro-ablation,

deep thermal heating and tissue remodeling

Alma fractionated CO2 laser is a high-powered laser that adds unparalleled precision and innovation to outpatient medical care. Supporting today’s most advanced array of surgical tools, treatment results are enhanced with Alma’s CO2, leading to new possibilities in minimally invasive surgical outpatient treatment. FemiLift harnesses the power of fractional CO2 laser technology, the gold standard in skin tightening and rejuvenation, to achieve a deep thermal effect for vaginal collagen remodeling, without causing aggressive ablation (Figure B). CO2 laser energy is delivered to the vaginal tissue through a holographic lens that pixelates the beam to 81 microscopic pixels in a 9×9 ablation pattern. Microscopic columns of thermal effect penetrates deep into the submucosa, leaving the surrounding tissue intact. This allows faster healing as the mucosa of the vaginal wall is rejuvenated. The micro-ablative process contracts existing fibers and stimulates the formation of new collagen, rejuvenating the target tissue (Figure C).